How to Get Your Home Sold

How to get your home sold:

Are you wondering how to get your home sold?

Did you know that over 90% of homebuyers start their search on the internet? And many of these purchase a home they saw online.  Some say the number of home buyers researching homes online is as high as 98%!   Keep in mind that just about every home for sale, whether through a Real Estate professional or by owner, may be found online.   That’s a lot of information out there and much competition.

What does this mean to you the seller?

It is no surprise that most Sellers want a listing agent who will market their home and find a buyer (according to the National Association of Realtors).  In our competitive market, it is especially essential that your listing agent has current marketing skills and expertise.  Your home needs to stand out from the crowd.

Not all Real Estate professionals are up to date on marketing and the necessary innovations to promote your home.  This is essential to get you the best possible price and to get your home sold in a reasonable timeframe.

Gone are the days when it was enough to list your property, put a sign out front, and place it in the Multiple Listing Service.

It is not enough to put a sign out front and input your home into the area Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  It is not enough to hope that some other agent finds your home and a ready, willing and able buyer.  And, it is not enough to take photos with an iPhone or point and shoot camera.  Or worse yet, to only include a “Google maps” view of the home in the listing.   

Did you know that poor quality or no pictures often results in potential buyers dismissing the home from consideration?  

Think about how you look for items on the internet.  Most buyers pass over items without pictures.  Poorly done photos can be a “turn off” and well-done photos can be an attraction. Showing the wrong photo as the first image can lead a potential buyer to totally disregard the item.  Low quality photos may even leave them with a negative view of the property.  Even photos of average quality aren’t good enough.   Even in when our market is fairly strong, there are still many competing listings in our area.  Also, many buyers will simply wait before they go see a home, let alone purchase one, that they do not find appealing in the photos.

Another common problem is making a home look much different in the photos, misleading buyers who have high expectations.  These buyers are disappointed when they see the actual property.  The proper balance is high quality photography that represents the home in it’s best light while staying true to the home.

You can get more exposure, possibly more money and a faster sale.

A properly marketed home will almost always get more exposure.  But also homes with professional photography on average sell for more.  (See the infographic from Ruxta Realty, a progressive real estate brokerage out of North Carolina.  This company put together their data from the National Association of Realtors and Redfin.)

There is no guarantee that you personally will net more money for your home at closing.  But common sense tells us that marketing including attractive photos  will likely get more people in your door.  And the more people that view your house, both online and through a showing, the more likely your home will sell in a reasonable period of time and for a reasonable price.

Of course all the photos in the world won’t help if no one sees them!

Keep in mind that having professional quality photos of your home is only one step, although a very important one, in the process of effectively marketing your home.Your real estate agent must have a marketing plan geared toward your region and targeting likely buyers for your home.   An effective real estate professional will consult with you about how to best showcase your home, including suggestions for staging and improvements. Usually any improvements and staging will be completed prior to the professional photoshoot.  Then, your real estate professional must use digital marketing and other methods to get your property noticed above the crowd.

I provide qualified sellers with a comprehensive marketing plan and services that  include Home Staging Consultation, Professional Photography, and Innovative Marketing and Promotion.  Contact Us to see how I can help you get your home sold.